Fox Hustle is a true kingdom where everyone matters. Foxes here pursue what they are passionate about, which is why Fox Hustle thrives in various directions. And we have developed branding for the team.


Сreated brand elements

We have created brand elements for Fox Hustle, including a logo, color palette, typography, and other graphic elements. The uniqueness of these elements lies in their development considering the individuality and values of each of the five divisions within the Fox Hustle team: gamers, communications, education, creators, and IT. For each division, we have designed separate symbols that reflect their characteristics and nature. These symbols are part of the brand elements and are used in relevant materials and communications to emphasize the identity of each division and ensure brand recognition for Fox Hustle.

Сreated brand elements image:53


We have developed passports for offline events of the Fox Hustle team. These passports are unique identification documents for event participants, containing information about them and providing access to various privileges and activities within the event. They are designed in the style and branding of Fox Hustle to maintain a consistent visual concept and enhance brand recognition at offline events.

Passports image:54Passports image:55