The presentation design for Yugra-Ecology has been updated. Yugra-Ecology is the largest operator in solid municipal waste management in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The transportation volume exceeds 300 million tonnes, and the company employs over 300 people.


About the client

The company actively participates in the development of environmental technologies and strives for further reduction of negative impact on the environment. Its important role in ensuring ecological safety and preserving natural resources gives the company invaluable significance for the region and society as a whole.

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In the presentation, we used green and blue shades to emphasize ecology and clear skies. Green color is associated with nature, sustainability, and environmental responsibility, while blue color symbolizes clarity, freshness, and purity. These color schemes help create an atmosphere related to environmental protection and sustainable development. For better memorability and updated positioning, we created an image of the letter "Ю" using primitive shapes and geometric elements. This image symbolizes innovation and the uniqueness of the company. It captures the attention of the audience and helps establish a recognizable identity for the company in the context of its updated positioning.

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