Our IT application solves user experience problems in hotel search and booking. We offer searching for the best hotel, checking price adequacy and using an interactive map to select the building and floor. The metric shows high accuracy (97%) and positive feedback from users for its convenience and wide range of options. We analyzed and tested the technology in partnership with a hotel in Miami, which helped us improve the app to meet users' needs and expectations.


Selection based on criteria

The hotel booking system allows you to find a relevant hotel based on selected criteria and hotel analysis. This means that users can set specific parameters such as location, price range, hotel rating, room type, and other factors, and the system will provide a list of hotels that meet these criteria.

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The system uses analytical algorithms and hotel data to ensure accuracy and relevance of recommendations. It analyzes and compares various aspects of hotels, such as ratings, customer reviews, location, amenities, and other factors, to help users find the best option for their needs.

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