We participated in the design of Skyeng, the top online language school in Europe. Our team worked closely with Skyeng to create a unique and appealing visual style for their learning platform. We paid special attention to developing an intuitively understandable user interface that ensures convenience and efficiency in students' interaction with educational materials. Our work helped strengthen the Skyeng brand and create a better learning experience for thousands of students across Europe.


Demo lesson

We developed screens for a demo lesson. Our team focused on creating interactive and engaging visuals to present the educational material in a simple and understandable way. We designed intuitive controls and features to ensure easy navigation and active participation of students in the learning process. Our demo lesson design encourages student immersion in language learning and helps them better understand and remember the educational content.

Demo lesson image:28Demo lesson image:29

Teacher selection

We have added the option to choose a Russian-speaking or English-speaking teacher, so that each student can find the most comfortable specialist for themselves. Additionally, we provide audio voice samples of the teachers, allowing students to hear their voices and feel confident before starting the lessons. This helps create a trusting and comfortable atmosphere for students during their learning experience.

Teacher selection image:30Teacher selection image:31